UV Light Cleaning

If you are like most people you wash your hands many times during a day. Given the option anti-microbial soap is the cleanser you would most likely choose. When you drink water, the water has been cleansed to be free from bacteria, viruses and other undesirable organisms. Again, the food you eat has been treated and inspected. You wouldn’t want it any other way. You wouldn’t expect anything less.
How about the air you breathe? Is it as certified as the food you eat, as clean as your hands as pure as the water you drink? The air in your home circulates round and round again as your heating and or cooling system operates. When the air in your home circulates through the system, this becomes the perfect opportunity to clean and scrub the air your family is about to breathe.
We live in a time when we should be even more aware of bacteria and mold. As one comforting note, you don’t have to put up with possibly unsafe bacteria air in your home. Bacteria along with other living organisms can cause respiratory problems, tiredness, itchy, achy, and watery eyes which can include illnesses and other discomforts.
These allergic reactions are a noticeable side effect of an unhealthy problem, probably caused by untreated air from your heating and cooling system. Today you can all but stop the growth of mold, fungus, sludge and other DNA based bacteria and virus that are living in your home heating or cooling system. As a matter of course these living creatures survive very well right in the cooling coil area of your comfort system.
Bacteria, mold, virus all grow and multiply around the clock, causing not only a large build up of living sludge and muck which will cause your comfort system to operate inefficiently costing you more money in operating and maintenance costs.
SafeGuard UV Cleanser
When installed in your home or business HVAC heating and air conditioning system, the UV Cleanser will work 24 hours a days, 7 days a week. UV Light from the SafeGuard UV System shines on and will help clean and disinfect the interior surfaces of your system using Ultraviolet (UV) technology. The evaporator coil, plenum and condensate drain pan area in the HVAC system will be radiated with ultraviolet light with uv energy nearly 800 times greater than the Sun as will other areas in and around the area where the SafeGuard UV Germicidal Ultra Violet Light is installed in the HVAC System.
As a practical note, the uv light germicidal effects of the SafeGuard UV Cleanser make sense. For nearly a century ultraviolet (UVC) technology has been used by food and drug companies to disinfect various types of products and their containers.
Hospitals and High Tech Businesses have been using uvc germicidal ultraviolet (uv) for decades to disinfect HVAC air conditioning cooling coils, ducting and the air supply to maintain a clean environment in clean rooms and operating rooms.
The benefits of the SafeGuard UV Light System are clear.
The SafeGuard UV Cleansers Ultraviolet UVC Rays strike contaminants when positioned directly in there breading area and air borne pathway, UVC then penetrates the micro-organism to break down it’s molecular bonds. This bond breakage translates into cellular or genetic damage with the germs rendered harmless by robbing them of the ability to reproduce. The SafeGuard UV Cleanser just makes sense as does the benefits.