Attic insulation

Attic Insulation will make your home a more comfortable environment to live in

Keep the heat inside your home without letting it escape through your attic

It is one of the easiest home improvements delivering the largest financial savings

Reduce your monthly energy costs

Extend the life of your heating and cooling equipment by having it run less

Helps prevent ice dams and helps to protect your roof and gutters

R-49 is the current code for attic insulation which equates to approx 18 inches of blown in insulation

Most homes have R-30 (just under 11 inches) which was the previous code. With increasing to the current code of R-49 our homeowners experience significant savings on their heating bills and savings on their electric bills during the summer months when air conditioning is used. Think of your home like a large bag surrounding your living environment. If you turn your furnace or air conditioning off how long will the hot or cold air stay within your home? The more thermal barrier to the outside environment you have the less your equipment will run saving you money and increasing comfort.