Air duct cleaning

Did you know that the most common form of household dust is dead skin cells, mold, dirt, pet dander, pet hair and mildew?

These are just a few of the many contaminants that could be in the unseen areas or your homes air ducts.

Recent studies have shown that the indoor air we are all breathing may be much worse than the polluted outdoor air.

At Green Quality Air , our premier thorough cleaning process will always include our unbeatable home protection. Every employee of Green Quality Air reports to your home in a clean uniform and will not step foot inside of your home without shoe protection on their feet.

If your furnace is located in your basement, Or in the attic, and our hoses have to travel inside of your home, there will be clean protection tarps professionally placed on your floors, as well as provisions to protect your walls.

Ourcleaning process is ALWAYS backed by our stunning before and after pictures from inside of your ductwork. This is one of the many ways we prove that "we do what we say we will do".

Your home will be professionally cleaned with our truly state of the art PTO driven vacuum trucks providing you with unbeatable cleaning power.

Call today 210.772.1438 to see the "Green Quality Air".Green Quality Air's professionals deliver -- and that is 100% guaranteed.